Athletes understand that if you want to win the game it is not a chance event. Athletes believe in nurture over nature and that their performance output is the result of their practice and preparation input. They are experts in the study of their game and have a deep understanding of practice, the coach/mentor relationship and the value of working as a team.

They value coaches, but not just any coach. They seek coaches who know how to motivate through inspiration and high expectation. Athletes take ownership of their destiny. They take responsibility for their failures and celebrate their successes, then get back to work.

Athletes do best in environments with very clear game rules, organizational integrity and a baseline playbook that they can make their own. Because Athletes are experts in what they do, they are paired well with Maestro sellers/coaches who have an excellent field vision and a true sense for organizational and individual motivation. Think you’re an Athlete? Take the Quiz here.

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Part of finding joy in the work we do is being aligned with where our skills soar. If you feel aligned with Athlete skill set we’d recommend you check out high-growth organizations that have proven leadership, practice rituals and high expectations of their team members that go well beyond quota attainment. These organizations have likely already captured their first 30-50 customers and have a defined competitor list. We can connect you with a few, or perhaps check into your own network.

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