Classic sales people are an amalgamation of all sales profiles. They are completely committed to the profession of sales and are totally self motivated. And most importantly, everyone likes Classics. What’s not to like? They are total professionals, have magnetic personalities, they are in it for the long-haul, care about their relationships, they can manage a room, they practice, they know when there is a deal (and no deal), they are predictable and patient.

Self management (sales process, time, professional growth, conversation discipline, etc) and accountability are well tuned skills that they make look easy, however, Classics would never be the type to share how much behind-the-scenes work they do. They are experts in leveraging internal resources to progress deals so having access to Academics in their pool of colleagues and management is important.

While Classics are patient, they can have low tolerance for anyone who is too short-term thinking relative to compromising their relationships, what’s good for the customer or deals. Classics are terrific for strategic account groups that need focus on big deals that are well thought out and good long term partnerships for both parties. Think you’re a Classic? Take the Quiz here.

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Part of finding joy in the work we do is being aligned with where our skills soar. If you feel aligned with Classic skill sets we can connect you with companies that need your type of strengths.

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