Maestros have a special sense for how both people and organizations work, how they make decisions and how to motivate these groups to move.Their ability to orchestrate within organizations is so advanced, it’s at times hard to understand who is selling to whom.

Maestros are well suited for longer sales cycles/larger deal sizes as they are generally patient people who understand that changing mindsets and organizational behaviors take time. This patience pays off in competitive sales, as the Maestro attribute typically forces error/panic in competitor behavior.

And while Maestros do value the team sale, in general, they think independently regarding account strategy and use expert leadership and mobilizing skills to execute. Because of this, it’s important that Maestros select mature and trusting management to work for. While the patience of Maestros serves them in many ways, they may also benefit from having Athlete peers/coaches to add pace drive in frontal sales situations. Think you’re a Maestro? Take the Quiz here.

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Part of finding joy in the work we do is being aligned with where our skills soar. If you feel aligned with Maestro skill sets we can connect you with a few companies who need sales people with your strengths.

Books for Maestros

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