About Bespoke Talent

Bespoke provides an experience-based sales approach to finding, keeping and developing talent that will produce.

Bespoke Talent is a talent acquisition and optimization firm specializing in finding, keeping and developing senior sales and marketing professionals with pre-IPO SaaS B2B companies. At Bespoke Talent, our vision is to empower people to achieve the highest levels of performance by creating the right match between candidate and company. Our mission is to elevate the talent search experience through thoughtful analysis, smart use of technology, and a dynamic, yet systematic, approach that ultimately raises the quality of people’s business and personal lives.

Recruiting Team

Jennifer Bell

Founder & CEO, Revenue-related Roles

Holly Gordon



Ryan Chamberlin



Jacob Scheff


Ken Larson

Partner, Tech Practice Recruiting

Lydia Bell



Cheryl Moothart



Jeremy Pezúa


Research Team

Rebecca Nagy Cormey

Software Sales Talent Researcher

Marcia Ingvalson

Software Sales Talent Researcher

Amelia Schaetzke

Research Intern

Carolyn Rapp

Software Sales Talent Researcher


Nichole Swanger

Software Sales Talent Researcher


Diana Hutchinson

Director of Operations & Secret Weapon


Tyler Baier

Product Manager

Grace Fleming

Marketing Manager

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