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March 2019

New Year, New Job?

January 2019

Salespeople: Adapt or Die

Land and expand SaaS sales models have not only changed the general compensation upside for software sellers, but have provided clients a low cost of entry and an ability to bolt when they don't see clear value or are being poorly serviced. Customers are dictating the...

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The Machines Are Coming?

“The machines are coming.” What was once a cheesy line in sci-fi movies is now a regular headline on your LinkedIn feed.   But could AI replace salespeople? Recruiters? Real-estate agents? etc? Across the corporate board, reactions to this proposition may vary. Most...

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The Strategy in Stacking the Deck

You’ve just landed the leadership role you’ve been waiting for. You’ve done your due diligence on the market, product fit, demand, and leadership team. It’s go time, and all eyes are on your performance. You’re responsible for filling 9 open headcounts...

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Upping the Talent Game with Experience Based Recruiting

I spent 25 years as a sales executive and hiring leader. From high-end sub-components and complex engineering to data-management solutions and HR-tech HCM solutions, I sold a diverse mix of technologies. At corporations like PTC, from the top down I heard philosophies...

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Citizen Salespeople: Top of Their Game, And No Place to Go

What makes an A-Player walk away from tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in commissions? Many I’ve talked to reference their desire to leave the game as a winner. But with further digging I’ve learned that, more often than not, the real reason for their...

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Conversational Equity: The Confidence in Giving up Control

I met a top salesman who drove a $2.4 M W2. Of course, I asked him how. He wasn’t a natural at sales, he admitted. In truth, his success stemmed from an insight he gleaned a few years back. After observing an unnecessary power play between two colleagues striving to...

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The Backside of Backchannels

Ever been burned by a backchannel? Ever lost a candidate because a backchannel was handled poorly? Some might say that the backchannel (unofficial reference checks on candidates) is as old as time itself. Hiring a new candidate is hard to do and there’s risk with all...

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