Conceptual sellers are experts in selling innovation. They can take seemingly basic products and turn them into meaningful and emotional representations that motivate buyers to buy.

Conceptuals are wonderful first-in sales people that land initial customer references. They are at their best when working directly with founders and executives as they are key organizational members that can offer macro level perspective on both what is happening at their customers and how it maps to the solution offering. It’s critical that Conceptuals report to management that accepts the eccentric nature of these sellers and can support ‘around the edges’ as standard sales process and deal qualification methods are likely not relevant to the innovation selling that is performed by these sellers.

These sellers are thinkers and are experts at simple messaging that could be repeated like a well a well written jingle. They don’t follow play books, they don’t even write them. Every pitch is unique and likely cannot be replicated. Conceptual sellers typically eschew process and ROIs, and creating on-the-fly messaging is almost the rule, not the exception…. Think you’re a Conceptual? Take the Quiz here.

I’m interested in Job Opportunities for Conceptuals

Part of finding joy in the work we do is being aligned with where our skills soar. If you feel aligned with the Conceptual skill sets we’d recommend you check out early stage organizations that need your flexible and innovative skills to get their first customers off the ground. We can connect you with a few, or perhaps check into your own network for first-in sales opportunities.

Epic conceptual Sales Pitch:

Books for Conceptuals

What books are we missing or is there a better video representation?

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