This is Day 2 of a 7-day article series that was kicked-off by 4 Ways You’re Looking at Your LinkedIn Profile Wrong and 7 Days To Fix It” and is designed for any sales person, whether happy or looking.  It offers profile ‘must-haves’ and attempts to address anticipated objections.

Today, I’m asking you to think about the DATES of your LinkedIn Profile.

This is a short post, but it represents a big red flag to hiring managers. If your dates don’t line up, or years of experience are missing, it creates a lot of unnecessary mystery that can translate into risk. Thinking of pretending that first career as a software engineer  didn’t happen? Leaving a gap where that retail stint that you did between sales gigs belongs?

Please  reconsider.  You’re in sales, make it relevant.  If you’re not sure how to do this, see day 3’s narrative post.

Stay tuned for the next few days of tips in this 7-day series.

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