Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in SaaS

Increasing broadness of unique perspectives in business is the right thing to do. And, when companies prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equity, research shows their efforts also pay dividends financially.

SaaS leaders building companies from the ground up face particular challenges in deliberately recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent with diverse backgrounds. If you’re interested in implementing initiatives to build an inclusive and diverse work space, you might not know where to start. Here are some resources that we hope will help you develop a plan.

Tools for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Identify biases

Remove biases while searching for candidates

  • Antibias and Unbias are Google Chrome extensions that hide people’s names and LinkedIn profile pictures when searching for candidates
  • Interviewing.io promotes objective technical hiring

Use inclusive language

  • Textio Hire helps a manager choose language that best appeals to their audience
  • Gender Decoder (free) uses scholarly research to determine if job advertisements use language that appeals more to a certain gender

Create inclusive environments

  • Compa.as allows companies to easily identify pay gaps between employees
  • Allie is a Slack bot that provides employees a safe space to submit D&I concerns

Companies Making an Effort

While many companies have already started this push for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, here are some specific examples:

  • Microsoft and AT&T created employee resource groups that “provide support, advocacy, education, mentoring, and more to groups such as women, generations, military veterans, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBT community,” (Moran, 2017).
    • Microsoft started the Autism Hiring Program to create a more comfortable environment for people with autism
  • Lenovo scored 100% on the Corporate Index with their healthcare coverage, public engagement, and competency programs 
  • Accenture was one of the first tech companies to publicly share its workforce demographics and D&I goals
  • HP won 6 awards over the past year for its commitment to diversity and inclusion

Here are ratings of 10 top tech companies in regards to their diversity and inclusion initiatives and practices

Resources for People in Minority Groups

People with Differing Abilities

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