Incorporate Diversity into Your SaaS Business


It has been proven over and over again that diversity within an organization leads to greater success. So, why not do our best to increase diversity within our organizations or companies? Of course, this is much easier said than done. To give you a starting point, here are some resources that will help you develop a plan.



The following articles provide insight on implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives and discuss ways in which diversity positively impacts an organization.


Companies Already Doing It

While many companies have already started this push for diversity in the workplace, here are some specific examples:  Microsoft and AT&T created employee resource groups that “provide support, advocacy, education, mentoring, and more to groups such as women, generations, military veterans, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBT community,” (Moran, 2017).  Microsoft, for example, created the Autism Hiring Program in which they hire individuals with autism and allow them to have a different interview atmosphere so that they feel more comfortable.


For People with Disabilities

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