Context and Considerations for Hiring Leaders

Before seriously considering a new opportunity, quality talent need details. They care about the base, OTE, and equity — but financial factors alone won’t get them on your calendar.

Just like successful AEs do the work to understand their territories inside and out, successful hiring leaders put in time to identify high-performing talent’s desires, motivations, and concerns. With that context in mind, sales leaders can effectively articulate how a candidate fits into their company’s vision and vice versa.

It’s easier said than done. We’ve been there. Now, we’re here to help you navigate these challenges. Bespoke recruiters each have 15 years experience selling SaaS (at minimum). We’re recruiting for jobs we’ve done for our entire careers. 

In fact, we wrote the book on hiring A-Players — literally. Check out our Hiring Playbook: Competing for “A-Players” in a Candidate’s Market to learn more about Bespoke’s holistic, personalized approach to attracting, hiring, and keeping, the industry’s best sales talent. 

Your First Meeting with Bespoke

You’re ready to engage with top-tier talent. We’re ready to bring them to you. In your initial meeting with a Bespoke recruiter, we aim to understand the following:

  • Your company: What are you building? Why?
  • Your customer: What value does your product or service bring to the end-customer? Who are they? Why are they buying?
  • Your goals: What are they? How is your team and your company positioned to achieve them?
  • Your non-negotiables: What does this position look like? What key traits would your ideal candidate bring to the table?

Knowing the full story, Bespoke recruiters craft custom pitches to attract first-rate talent to your revenue-generating organization. 

Who We Work With

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