Hiring Leader

Quality talent demands details before spending time considering whether to leave his or her current environment. Quality talent is always leaving something on the table. They don’t just care about the base/OTE/equity and those factors alone don’t get meetings with you. They, like any prospect, have to be understood, and at that point can be brought into the vision of what’s possible with you and your organization. That implies we really understand what you do. The good news is, we do. Bespoke Talent recruiters have had at least 15 years in successful software selling experience which allows us to recruit for jobs we’ve done our entire career.

In order to provide well-timed, quality talent to you, our initial meeting will be to discuss:

1- What you’re trying to build and why

2- Why is it so valuable for the end-customer and what are the stories that prove it

3- Why is your organization positioned to execute

4- Why customers are buying now

5- What are the key character traits you’re looking for and why

6- Position details

Past Clients

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