Jennifer Bell, Founder and CEO of Bespoke Talent, the talent acquisition and optimization firm specializing in finding, keeping and developing senior sales and marketing professionals with pre-IPO SaaS B2B companies, announced that seasoned enterprise sales leader Ken Larson has joined Bespoke as Partner and Senior Vice President of Sales and Technology. Ken has been brought on to further the company’s technology strategy, utilizing crowd-sourced and historical data to streamline the process of matching the best candidate to clients’ needs and culture. Ken Larson comes with a wealth of experience within the industry, having spent the last 12 years as a software-sales executive in high-caliber sales organizations such as PTC and recruiting technology leader, Bullhorn.

As the Sr. Vice President of Sales and Technology, Ken will support and drive the addition of technology-assisted matching for the right candidate-to-client fit, ensuring that SaaS clients find, develop and keep excellent sales talent long term. Ken comments, “After selling for top companies such as PTC and Bullhorn, and having worked with Bespoke on a number of searches, I believe that Bespoke Talent has the right approach in applying value selling techniques and process in finding great talent, as well as a core understanding of where technology fits in the hiring process—and where it doesn’t.”

Jennifer Bell, CEO and Founder for Bespoke, said “Ken’s experience and industry knowledge, combined with his high character, have already made him a key addition to the Bespoke Talent family. We view his involvement as a sign of our commitment to expertly-identified, early-stage talent placement, optimization and retention.”

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