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I love sales. It started for me at 5yrs old with lemonade stands. At age 7, I was painting sidewalk street addresses in Seattle suburbs. I sold magazine subscriptions and whatever else I could get my hands on until my mother, wanting to save her neighborhood relationships, gracefully moved me into athletics to scratch the itch. Thankfully, athletics served me well through college, until the baton was passed to the professional world of sales.

After much winning and losing, being really good and really bad, selling has evolved for me. The performance turning point for me was when I realized how much serving prospects, customers, and teammates aligns with sales performance. There are so many ways to serve in this profession, but I have put my learning focus and efforts in sales messaging (taking complex content and making them simple and story-like) and creative value creation. These skills have served me well in smaller organizations with rapidly evolving/innovative technologies that need to be creatively evangelized by front-line field teams.

Relative to recruiting, the above focus has been a huge asset in representing the hiring teams’ opportunity narrative to candidates. I also have deeply enjoyed working 1:1 with candidates on refining their own personal narratives as they grow within their career.

As a proven Enterprise Software, Network Hardware and HR Tech Software Sales leader, I am passionate about helping companies build world-class sales teams. I use my experience as an Enterprise Sale Professional and Head of Sales of both a public and a private technology companies to help fast growing pre-IPO and public Enterprise Software companies identify and hire the best possible talent to achieve their goals.

I am a builder; I have always been a builder. I am passionate about working with SaaS companies to develop and build teams.

My career started as an application developer, building B2B experiences online for enterprise companies. Taking my passion for technology and marrying it a consultative approach to problem solving, I chose a sales engineering route to begin my sales career. I love technology; understanding how it works, and explaining that in business acumen. My passion for building applications evolved to building revenue and teams. For me, sales and recruiting is an opportunity to solve critical problems with creativity, subject matter expertise, and integrity; an opportunity to provide value for the individual and the customer. I thrive off of working cross-functionally to build teams. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and being a player coach. I enjoy iterating to success with a strategy in mind.

I am a builder.

Nothing satisfies me more than match-making; connecting people, companies, and products in a lasting and meaningful way is my ultimate goal. Over a decade in sales within the financial services industry led me to successfully connect institutional investors with complex alternative financial products.

In recruiting, I am able to hone that skill on a more personal level. I combine patience and empathy with my deep understanding of business to find the perfect fit between hiring companies and the most talented candidates. My unique approach can create magic in building careers.


I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Washington State University where I played Division I basketball for the Cougars. I founded my own recruiting company, Pullman Blaine, Inc., in 1998. Prior to this, I spent 28 years in sales and sales management, all but ten of which were in the software industry. During my career in technology sales, I was known for building up some stellar sales teams, an aptitude which has served me well in the recruiting industry. I use my knowledge and experience to find the best, most successful candidates.

I have more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing management roles, in addition to 14 years of experience in executive recruiting. As a sales professional, I was a top performer, so I pride myself on identifying A players. Furthermore, having been a successful manager with P&L responsibility, I know firsthand the importance of making top-quality hiring decisions.

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