You’ve just landed the leadership role you’ve been waiting for. You’ve done your due diligence on the market, product fit, demand, and leadership team. It’s go time, and all eyes are on your performance.

You’re responsible for filling 9 open headcounts (and making sure they hit their quotas). You’ve exhausted your network to find the right fits.

Now what?

In reality, most sales leaders choose the revenue that’s in front of them. In other words, they compromise the company’s revenue potential with the ‘good-enough’ candidates just to put butts in empty seats.

You know that hiring involves launching an entirely new set of campaigns and that, ultimately, to get the right A-Player for your position, you need to sell them.

When it comes down to it, hiring is a game of probabilities. Sales leaders who figure out their company’s sales team member probability formula will likely see the outcome they’re looking for.  The risk is high, however, for sales leaders leaning on ‘their experience’ or obvious generalities (ie. ‘they’ve had to work at a start-up’) to guide their team-member selection strategy. Without determining their company’s specific needs and the right profile to match the patch, impulsive gut decisions and ill-defined interview processes could tank that SaaS Magic Number.

Even seasoned leaders need to go back to crafting the sales plan when designing a hiring campaign.

We’ve put together a structure that outlines some of that process in the Bespoke Talent Hiring Playbook.  According to our customers, the playbook reminds them of what they need and what they don’t, ultimately leading them to defining the fit they are looking for. Stack your deck!

Check our our experienced team. See our philosophy through the Bespoke Talent Hiring Playbook.

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