Top Performers


At Bespoke Talent, our focus is placing top 10% performing software sales people. Our experience in sales has shown us that top performers have several qualities in common. Top performers:

  • Are achievement-oriented. Over time and across activities, top performers are goal-oriented and set high standards for themselves to be among the best at what they do.
  • Understand their strengths and look for ways to improve their skills. Interested in finding out more about which type of sales person you are? Take the quiz.
  • Focus on value, period.
  • While perhaps once proud of being the self-proclaimed “coin-operated rep,” use experience, probabilities, and financial criteria to drive their career paths.
  • Are among the top 10% of their organization.  Their income history reflects $400K W-2 earnings and up.
  • Are not self-promotional. They are humble while being able to highlight their own successes.
  • Practice and study and are constantly looking for ways to improve.
  • Are generous with their knowledge and are coach-able themselves. Do you have a top-performer sales tip to share with us?
  • Love what they do and like going to work.

If you’re a top performing rep and you’re poking your head out to see ‘what’s out there,’ feel free to contact us

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